If you are a garden lover you’ll want to visit the Oevertuin.
Winner of the title ‘The garden of Friesland’ July 2015 – July 2016.

De Oevertuin
Steenwijkerweg 121
8397 LC De Blesse

De Oevertuin


For a drink, lunch or high-tea and a visit to the gardens.

De Buytenplaets Teagarden in Noordwolde
Dwarsvaartweg 8
8391 ML Noordwolde

De Buytenplaets


Tea house in an old farm home where it is possible to see owls.

Tuk’s Theehuis
Bergweg 71
8334 MC Tuk

Tuk’s Teahouse



Taman Indonesia

A small Indonesian zoo with a house on stilts, a market and a café where you can have Indonesian snacks and drinks.

Kallenkote 53
8345 HE Kallenkote

Taman Indonesia


Water buffalo farm in Oldemarkt

Here you’ll find a farm shop with water buffalo products and other regional products.
There are several tours available and a terrace for something to eat or drink.

Hareweg 6a
8375 EA Oldemarkt

Water Buffalo farm


Orchideeenhoeve in Luttelgeest

Beautiful covered gardens with butterflies, fish and parrots, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Oosterringweg 34
8315 PV Luttelgeest

Orchid Nursery


Vlinderparadijs Papiliorama in Havelte

Tropical garden with hundreds of butterflies.

Van Helomaweg 14
7971 PX Havelte

Bufferfly Paradise


Klimbos Avontuurlijk Paasloo

Tree top adventure park with 4 different trails with 51 different obstacles.
In total there are nearly 700 meters on track and up to 9 metre high track.

Paasloerweg 14A
8378 JB Paasloo





Wickerwork museum in Noordwolde

The wickerwork museum in Noordwolde gives an overview of the history of the wicker industry.

Mandehof 7
8391 BG Noordwolde

Wickerwork Museum


De Proefkolonie in Frederiksoord

The story of the Maatschappij van Weldadigheid, the Society of humanitarianism, is explained here.
This society was founded in 1818 to fight against poverty by creating jobs, providing education and housing and social welfare.

Koningin Wilhelminalaan 87
8382 GC Frederiksoord

de Proefkolonie


De Hildo Krop exhibition in Steenwijk

Hildo Krop is mainly famous for his sculptures.
The exhibition is located in Rams Woerthe. A beautifull villa in Jugendstil style.

Gasthuislaan 2
8331 MX Steenwijk

Hildo Krop


Het Olde Maat Uus in Giethoorn

An authentic farm with an exhibition, a tour and digital presentation so you can a get a good idea of the past 100 years of living and working in Giethoorn.

Binnenpad 52
8355 BT Giethoorn

Het Olde Maat Uus



Since 1989 Opera’s and Opera movies have been produced in Spanga.

Spangahoekweg 47
8482 KL Spanga




In Diever, in the summer months, there are shows in the Shakespeare open air theatre.

Hezenes 3
7981 LD Diever

Shakespeare Theatre




Dicky Woodstock


Other places worth a visit are Blokzijl, Vledder, Dwingeloo, Lemmer, Stavoren and Hindelopen.


On a rainy day you can consider visiting the Home Center, it is the biggest shopping mall with furniture shops in the north of Holland. They also have a nice restaurant.

Frisaxstraat 12
8471 ZW Wolvega



Steenwijk and Wolvega are close for local shopping. For a wider variety of shops you can go to Zwolle, Leeuwarden, Heerenveen of Meppel